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Single parent (mother) family seeks au pair from 20th August 2017 to end June 2018. Catholic family seeking Catholic au pair.

Near Cork, in the south of Ireland.

One girl: currently age 7.

Driving licence needed: 4 years driving experience needed.

References required.

Pocket money: 110 euro per week.

Dear au pair,
We are a simple, uncomplicated family, just me, and my 7 year old daughter. I am a teacher, and she is an exciting little girl, full of fun and humour.

We live in a lovely place, just outside Cork city, in the south of Ireland. We have already had 7 au pairs, one for each year from when my daughter was 1. We are a welcoming family, and au pairs are welcomed not only by us, but by my family and friends.

Our au pairs have a lot of free time, so it would be a good placement if you wish to combine it with some study. Or perhaps you just need a break from life and need time to take walks during the day or go to the gym, or meet other au pairs in the area.

There are many au pairs in the area, and they meet regularly during the week or at weekends. They often organise trips together at weekends or for longer when they have the time off.

We also live in a beautiful area, full of trees, even though it is also built up in places. There are lots of possibilities for countryside cycles (you can borrow my bike), and the bus stop to cork city is 5minutes from our house.

About us

We have had 7 au pairs so far, 5 from Germany, 1 from America and our current girl from Spain. We are still in touch with them all. They have played an invaluable part in both our lives over the last 7 years. I recognise as a single parent, the value of having another adult in the house, of having another role model, someone who can have a new perspective. Having company at mealtime, having someone to share a laugh with, to share news with, someone to introduce varied topics of conversation. An au pair in our house is a friend.

We are Catholics, and our faith is important to us. We pray before our meals, and prayer is part of the bed time routine. Because my daughter will be receiving her First Holy Communion in May 2018, while our next au pair is with us, I’d love to find a girl who shares our Catholic faith.

Duties /  Expectations

7am start: breakfast with the family
7.50 am: help my daughter to get ready for school
8.15am: drive my daughter to school (every day except Monday)
9am -10am: return from school, tidy up after breakfast, prep veg for dinner, do some jobs if needed
10am: free time
2.10: leave to collect my daughter from school (2.30)
2.45pm: return home, wash lunch box, give my daughter a snack and make a smoothie, sometimes do homework, play together
4 – 4.30pm: I return from work, au pair is free.
5.30pm: dinner together
6/ 6.30pm: tidy up after dinner
au pair is free after this
Babysitting: Monday and Wednesday nights: I leave at around 7.30 and return at 9.30 or 10. Au pair puts my daughter to bed on these nights.
Other nights au pair is free.

Light house work: dinner veg. prep, emptying dish washer every two days, some washing and ironing of clothes, some shopping, hoovering and mopping once weekly, keeping living space tidy, put petrol in the car.

Au pair has her own bedroom with a double bunk bed so she can have friends over (no boys). The main bathroom is for the au pair’s use: my daughter and I use my en suite. Visitors to the house also use the main bathroom, the au pair has responsibility to keep this clean since it is mainly used by her.

The au pair has weekends off, public holidays off, nearly two weeks off at Christmas, nearly two weeks off at Easter, nearly a full week off at Halloween.

Because the au pair will have the responsibility of driving my daughter to school, I am seeking a girl who is older than 22, and who has at least 4 years of driving experience in a manual car.

I need someone from the approx 20th August 2017 until the beginning of July 2018. I will ask you for references and police clearance.

I look forward to hearing from potential girls.

ARS AMANDI s o. Františkom Kapusňákom 4.4.2017

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ARS AMANDI 21.3.2017 S Márion Schwarzom


Predposledné Ars Amandi už tento utorok, 21.3 😉

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ARS AMANDI 14.3.2017 S Manželmi Predáčovcami


V utorok privítame v UPC manželov Predáčovcov 😉

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